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Faces of real Change – Interviews At first, Scott Landauer is nervous. He sits across from me, shy, barely making eye contact, forearms crossed, guarding his chest. It took some convincing to get him in the interview. I ask him why. “My story is nothing special,” he says, shrugging. Almost all the vendors feel this way. Just regular people, who have fallen on hard times, or maybe never knew anything different. in this sense, none of us are special. But then, that is being human. And bringing humanity to the face of homelessness is what real change is about. The message is startling, but not new. Anyone could be in Scott’s shoes, alternating between sleeping in his truck and on a worn mat shared by a number of others in a shelter. Battling depression, struggling to keep the confidence necessary to keep looking for a job, despite personal and external setbacks. Sleeping on the sidewalk, exposed not only to nature’s elements, but human’s too (PEOPLE AR CRUEL). “So many people just walk by, look the other way,” Scott says,. As if merely looking at the homeless is shameful. “It gets lonely—it’s nice to have someone say hello, and smile. I look for that interaction more now that I’m homeless.” Scott says Scott says this, pointing out how selling the paper is not only beneficial financially, but socially as well. A regular customer becomes a familiar face. Suddenly the question of “How are you?” is sincere, and then more meaningful. There are long silences while Ill talk to Scott. I did not approach him with any preconceived questions. I was hoping just to talk to him and get some insight on the paper and being homeless. Normal questions like “What caused your homelessness?” seem almost corny, and make me feel like a social worker, which Im not yet..lol. Rarely is there a simple answer to that one, anyway. But Scott is perceptive, and asks me if I want to know

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