Facebook vs. Twitter Essay

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I. Introduction of Facebook vs. Twitter Social media has become the more widespread as of late and has been said to be the new “wave of the future” for most users. There are numerous social networking sites being used now and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages and positive and negative attributes. Social media and social networking have gained plenty of attention and popularity lately and have many positive benefits. It has become a tool used for promotion and for reconnecting old and new friends. Businesses have also gained their fortune from social network sites. They have expanded their target audience and even helped boost their sales. Along with the positive bonuses that come with social impact and their rewarding features, also come the negative proponents, such as bad publicity. It has been negative, mainly among teenagers, such as one teenager who had committed suicide due to cyber bullying. Parents need to simply regulate their children’s network accounts and be aware of what their children are doing on these sites and secure their privacy settings. Some of the advantages of social networking would be worldwide connectivity, and it is all free. This sort of connectivity can enable us to in finding jobs or even in finding romance. Also, it can be used for getting and giving product and service referrals. You get to choose others that have similar interests that you do and you get to build upon those interests. We can communicate with someone across the globe and do it in real time. If you are trying to promote your new or old business, you are able to do so in front of billions of users with advertising your product or venture. The disadvantages are that there are risks for identity theft. There is also the face to face connectivity that is being lost with socializing through real time media, such

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