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Facebook Security Plan Doing It the Right Way As technology continue to advance companies need to be aware of up and coming threats. Protocols will need to be adjusted to account for new vulnerabilities and more focus will be push on creating improved controls. Various standards, guidelines and regulations have been developed as well as external agencies and organizations have been contacted, to help ensure that security is properly implemented. (McGraw-Hill) In order to help maintain the safety of users online experience; precautions has been placed. Information at rest, in transit as well authentication can be protected with the use of a security service. Security service is a combination of methods and controls that are used to assist companies with the threat of data loss. Security services have raised in popularity due to detecting security breach’s quicker than most companies The importance of implementing security protocols and responding to threats correctly the first time arise from vulnerabilities having a tendency to re-arise if not handled properly. Companies must be assertive when it comes to Doing it Right the First Time. Financial institutions and reputation can suffer dramatically if the correct controls are not put in place. Standards, Guidelines, and Regulations To ensure companies are following the proper security implementations. Various organizations have been established to assist in monitoring the performance of companies by auditing their security protocols. These organizations such as the Internet Engineering Task Force, ANSI X9 and the National Institute of Standards and Technology were developed to publish favorable protocols to be accepted within the internet community. Each organization has its own unique special function. The IETP is concerned with the operations of the internet and the rise of the architecture within

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