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Topic: Evaluation of Facebook marketing in the Body Shop/Reflection Name of Student: Lucky Eghagbevwa Name of Event: Facebook marketing Date of Event: Wednesday 21st November 2012 Organisers: Techspectations Location of Event: QG 15 Business school Name of Participant: Lucky Eghagbevwa Presented by: Theo Lynn Introduction The event was organised by Techspectations team to create awareness of the importance of Facebook marketing and its effectiveness as a tool of marketing by organisations. Techspectations is an initiative of the Dublin City University Business School. The mission of the initiative is to increase digital participation in all aspects of Irish life. Description Of event The event began with the introduction of the history of facebook, the statistics and the effectiveness as a tool of marketing. Facebook was launched in 2004 by a group of Harvard student headed by Mark Zuckerberg; in September 2012 Facebook has over 1 billion active users. According to social baker website Ireland has over 2million active user account of which over half of the population uses Facebook on mobile devices such as mobile phones and various tablet. The average Irish user spent over 4 hours using Facebook in a month. The age demographics of users are between 20-35 years old. Why use Facebook for business? At the event we were told why organisations should use Facebook for their business; the following reasons were given: * Branding and the viral effect of Facebook – company can use Facebook to brand their product by consistently promoting the brand to their customer. * Customer engagement and product service promotion- customers are engaged by getting them to review a particular product and receiving vital feedback that could lead to product innovation. * Retaining your

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