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Social media network websites have always been a subject open to debate as to whether they enhance or degrade a person’s social life. Many would say that it is a portal to the outside world while others argue that on the contrary it creates walls between virtual and actual social interaction. One may come to ask oneself the question as to whether Facebook, one of the largest and most popular social media networks on the Internet is good or bad. It has it’s perks as well as it’s flaws, an evaluation of the two can be conducted in order to arrive to the conclusion that if used with caution and moderation Facebook could be a highly important as well as useful tool in our everyday life. As previously mentioned, Facebook does in fact have many perks and qualities. For example, it is a great means of keeping in touch with family. In this day and age, many families tend to get separated either for jobs or universities and so Facebook allows them to share all their experiences with one another through a simple click. The same goes for friends, after highschool or college many tend to keep in touch with only a few of their comrades in education. Facebook let’s people stay in touch or offer an occasional stalking session on the people who helped shaped the person they now are. Facebook can also be a means to feel closer to a favorite celebrity. Many celebrities, athletes and politicians have taken up Facebook. They use the website to update their fans on what they are doing, interests or even upcoming tour dates. Roger Federer for example is an avid user of the website and frequently updates his followers on what he is doing at the moment. Another quality Facebook has is that it is a bit of a large virtual scrapbook. One can keep collection of photos and videos in an organised manner all in one place. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party or holiday, all one needs to do

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