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Facebook: Addiction? Essay

  • Submitted by: littlecaveman
  • on January 29, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Facebook: Addiction?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Ever since the first social networking site (SNS), “SixDegrees.com”, was launched in 1997, the number of various social networking sites and the number of users started to increase rapidly. Today, Facebook is one of the largest SNSs with more than 845 million users each month (Facebook Newsroom, 2012). While the popularity of Facebook grows, both positive and negative impacts were developed in many ways. Research have proven that Facebook plays an important role in improving the social relations of users especially post-secondary students; at the same time Facebook users often spends excessive time on the website and causing addictions to it (Ulusu, 2010).
Facebook gives users a convenient path to connect and bring people closer together. Facebook can share personal information with other user and is able to going online group with users around the world with similar interest (Gafni & Deri, 2012). Due to all the features Facebook can bring to a user, it naturally satisfies the desire to communicate and to be socially noticeable.   All humans without thinking, looks for a sense of belonging. People who are a part of a social group or close relationships with people generally have more joy in life. When a person is on Facebook, often it is where they look for self-esteem, and Facebook is able to keep users occupied while feeling left out of the social world.
In today’s society, Facebook have become a momentous problem among people because of the dependency that grow with the SNS itself. The ultimate cause of this “addiction” is the desire of belonging and being engaged with society along with many proximate causes. In conclusion, the addiction of Facebook is now an issue that is needed to be approached.

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