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Sean Hrboka Professor Diane Ayres English 110 19 January 2011 Facebook Affect on Today’s Society Even though Facebook is a young company, which was founded in 2004, it has had a profound impact in connecting people and businesses throughout the world. Facebook’s user friendly technology and its global targeted audience have made this one of the world’s fastest growing social networks. Facebook is used all over the world, because how big it has become in advertisement, user friendly technology, and keeping in touch with friends and family through out the world. Internationalism’s definition on Dictionary.com states, “Political, economic and cultural cooperation between nations”(Dictionary.com). Facebook demonstrates this definition perfectly, because it is being used in so many different countries. Facebook is so popular now, because politics, money and culture have all been incorporated in advertisement unlimited opportunities. Advertisement is huge in the Facebook world. Most of Facebook's revenue comes from companies advertising links, which are located on the side of every facebook page. The advertising links allows Facebook to remain free to the consumer. Microsoft is Facebook’s partner for serving banner advertising; this means Microsoft gets a percentage of every advertisement which goes through Facebook. The T.V and music industry are advertising more and more on Facebook. T.V and Music industry are a huge taget audience for Facebook, because anyone who is a musician can create a Facebook account and post all their music for free. Free music on the musicians account on Facebook, is an inexpensive venue for promoting music and gaining exposure. Anyone can go to their website and listen to their music and usually provides a link for purchase. Because of Facebook it is no longer a requirement to be signed to a music label or

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