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Facebook, the Organization and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Little introduction is needed upon mentioning the name Facebook. The social media giant has become the best known social media site in the entire world. It is hard to believe that such a huge company started out from a young man’s dorm room at Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg, who is the founder and current chief executive officer of Facebook, made a dorm room dream into a reality by connecting the world through his social networking site. Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” (“Facebook”, n.d.). Mr. Zuckerberg has achieved that and much, much more. At the young age of 28, he has become a billionaire running Facebook in Menlo Park, CA, which currently employees over eight thousand employees at fifty three various locations worldwide. Facebook is defined by the hacker culture as it is known, an environment that rewards creative problem solving and rapid decision making (“Facebook”, n.d.). It is this type of mentality that has made Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership and companywide culture a great success. Personality traits associated with CEO Upon looking at Mark Zuckerberg’s physical traits one would not consider him to be the leader and CEO of the largest social networking websites in the world. He is only 28 years young with a small sized frame and dresses with T-shirts and jeans. Some describe him as socially awkward and remote, but that can be highly argued considering his position. He loves being around people. He has spent his whole life in supportive, intensely connected social environments. He is quick and talks rapidly and precisely. He is an optimist who is very sure of himself and what he can do. Zuckerberg has a talent for understanding how people work and compromises with what they want. A good example of this would

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