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Addiction to Facebook Our society nowadays is a world of information technology. I remember the time when Yahoo Messenger was the hype and people tense each other in the chartroom, and subsequently face to face. I also remember how few of my friends did a small gathering with others from YM! in some places for a drink or just to hang out. It is amazing how internet or social networking has evolved. As I see, now, most of the young people have their own page; they could do many things with it and me too. We have Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc, gathering happening from all over the world. There are many reasons that answer why social networks can succeed such as, “viral nature, online identity, enhanced knowledge”, etc (5 reasons why social networks can succeed, 2008) and there are also a lot of advantages that social networking brings to the users. For example: people can make friends, sharing information and entertainment by using some social networking pages. However, in this paper, I do not focus on the pros of social networking, I just want to mention about a small different part of social networking. That is the addiction to Facebook Facebook coming out into society and it gives people the new and convenient way to keep connecting with friends and enjoy social life. Thank to Facebook, the distance between people becomes closer. However, with the interesting apps, Facebook also makes users become addicts. Some research mentioned five clues that people become have addicted to Facebook and addiction’s consequences. Similar to other addicts, people addicted to Facebook do not realize or admit their problems. Paula Pile, a therapist in Greensboro, North Carolina, listed five basics clues given to show that people become addicted to Facebook on CNNhealth.com. People can observe and realize they have addiction if they “lose sleep over Facebook.” People using

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