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Facebook Essay

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Employee training and development @ Facebook

Facebook’s ‘Bootcamp’, a six-week class for every new engineering hire, emphasizes the company’s egalitarian approach and focus on the ‘hacker way’.
Take a seat at one of Facebook’s long, white desks and look at the piece of paper taped on your monitor: “Welcome to Facebook!” Underneath, printed in big, bold, red letters, are slogans like: “We Hack Therefore We Are,” or “Move Fast and Break Things.” Within days, your software code will be in front of our more than 845 million users.
This is a typical way how the six week training journey with Facebook starts for an employee in Facebook’s “Bootcamp,” an experience shared by every engineering hire, whether they are a grizzled Silicon Valley veteran or a fresh-faced computer science grad. Since 2008, hundreds of Facebook’s engineers have passed through Bootcamp, which may lack the physical tests of military basic training but does provide the same kind of shared experience and cultural indoctrination into the world’s largest social network.
About the Bootcamp:
Bootcamp is one part employee orientation, one part software training program and one part fraternity/sorority rush. When new engineering recruits are hired at Facebook, they typically do not know what job they will do. They choose their job assignment and product team at the culmination of Bootcamp, a program that exemplifies Facebook’s adherence to founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “Hacker Way,” an organizational culture that is supposed to be egalitarian, risk-taking, self-starting, irreverent, collaborative and creative.

“I would describe it as a way for us to educate our engineers not only on how we code and how we do our systems, but also how to culturally think about how to attack challenges and how to meet people, we like to teach what’s important very early on, on Day 1. I would say it’s even more of a cultural program than it is a teaching program.”-Joel Seligstein, the head of the Bootcamp...

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