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Genre In this web article from the Kansas State Collegian, “10 reasons social networking benefits students” written by Haley Henry, is all about the benefits of social networking on students. This is page is a web article but it is opened on the student portal. The whole document is non-fiction based because Facebook has all the information which is provided in the bottom of the article page for example “Staying connected with friends, keeping up to date on new more quickly”. The article has hyperlinks to Facebook, twitter, YouTube and etc. The writer has put the hyperlinks so the people can click of Facebook so the students can share with other students to convince their friends who do not have Facebook. Audience The audience of this article is young people as well as adults who have interest in Facebook. It is designed to communicate with one another, whether you live far or near. In the article it informs that you can advertise for free which includes posting your own status. “Social networking profiles allow users to post anything and everything to the virtual world and can be seen by anybody” to back up my point I have shown the evidence above in bold writing. By reading this people who do not like using any social websites can have a thought of creating Facebook or twitter account. The pictures on the right hand side of the text shows how the social networking websites will look like and also it will be engaging to the audience. Social networking websites can also be used on android phones, apple phones and as well laptops and computers via internet which will make the students live much easier as they can use it on the go. It will convince students to read the article and register themselves on the social websites. The language which writer has used is informal language, the reason he has used informal language because it will read by young people.

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