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Facebook There was a time when people used to sit out in their porch and chat with by passers, mainly neighbors but sometimes complete strangers. They would utter a greeting or compliment on someone’s dress, and that would be the extent of it. But now there is Facebook. There you meet your friends, their friends, and the friends of their friends. Facebook is in, and if you are not in it, you are out. There are currently around 800 million active users, so it’s not surprising that claiming membership of one-seventh of humanity is now within the social network’s grasp. It is expected to hit the one billion mark by August 2012. To put Facebook’s size in perspective, Twitter currently claims about 100 million active users, LinkedIn has 130 million members and Google+ had around 49 million total visits in December of 2011, according to Experian Hitwise. Things you “say” stay there forever, for everyone to read. And if you have nothing to say, it will prompt you. Facebook leads us as if we had no will, as if we were little babies, an indecisive child who needs to be taken by the hand to be revealed what she cannot see. Applications are waiting for you. Just like if it was your mother: wash your hands, come to dinner, brush your teeth. A friend's birthday is today, post him, he is waiting, do not be rude, respect the social rules. And if you can, grab a virtual cake, send him those moving images of a cake with glowing candles, he'll be happy, feel important, wanted, loved. Human beings, so needy, so ready to fall into the abyss, how fragile: just a drawing of a cake and they smile and feel more comfortable. There are lots of people waiting to be added to your list. In order to achieve the significant number of “friends” that they have today, many have gone a long way. I have 1251, I have only 626, I really need to run, still have not passed the 129

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