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Facebook Executive Summary Facebook is one of the leading companies in the online social networking industries, and used all across the world. The company has been facing criticism for its ever changing privacy policies and opt out rather than opt in systems. Founder Mark Zuckerburg believes that people want to be more public with their lives than it appears people actually do. Little regulation in the industry leaves for little guidance for the company, although legislation may come about in the near future. Facebook has been facing harsh criticism from many because of ethical issues such as those with the privacy policy, which we believe to be valid criticism. Though a company must be profitable to operate, it must also keep its users happy, and Facebook has an ethical obligation to keep as much of users information private as they see fit. We suggest that Facebook inform its users every time a change is made to the privacy policy or privacy settings and that the default recommended settings be made more private, as the current set up keeps everything except contact information to public, which many users are unaware of. Facebook is a hugely successful and useful company and tool, but they must find a balance between making profits and its owners happy, and keeping the consumer happy and protected. Industry Facebook is a part of the fairly new industry of social networking via the internet. One of the seven basic truths taught to Communications students is: all new media are scary. When the television first came out, people feared that watching so much violence and promiscuous activity would lead viewers to copy the actions they viewed. This theory, called the Legacy of Fear occurs each time a new medium is introduced, and social networking is just the latest fear (Hanson, 2007). The external and international environments of Facebook play a

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