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Face Critical Evaluation. In my critical evaluation I will consider how Martin’s character changes throughout the novel “Face” by Benjamin Zephaniah. Face is about an ordinary good looking called Martin who comes across as being vain and full of confidence. Suddenly his life changes completely because of a car crash which leaves his face disfigured. Everything seems to change in his life – his friends, relationships and his thoughts and views of life. At the start of the novel Martin was judgemental of people and also racist – “I ain’t got nothing against blacks, they’re just different, they dance different and everything”. As well as being judgemental Martin was full of confidence and the class joker “Martin raised his hand to get the teachers attention. He had his up to no good look on his face and everyone in the class knew it. Sir have you got any advice on holiday sex?” this shows how he try’s to get everyone to laugh at him by coming out with silly comments. Martin was very vain and always had to look his best – “He stood in his bedroom looking at himself in the full-length mirror making sure his old kappa sweatshirt and baseball cap went with his Armai jeans his mother had just bought him.” The key event of the novel starts when Martin, Mark and Natile go out on a Saturday night and meet the “Jamaican Sistas” who introduce them to there club “Dance mania” Martin isn’t to sure about going as he says “its full of blacks and rap music”. When Natile finally convenes him to go he ends up having a great time, Martin managed to gather a crowd round him whilst he danced. When it was time to leave they said goodbye then walked Natile home then the 3 of them began to walk home. As they where walking a car started zooming towards

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