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Of Mice and Men is a novel by John Steinbeck with a memorable ending. Steinbeck prepares the reader for this ending right from the off –set. He uses a variety of techniques to enhance it, and make it shocking and effective. From the very beginning of the novel Lennie is presented as being unintelligent, we soon realise he is also very unpredictable, causing calamity where ever he goes. Near the start he is compared to a bear, “He walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws.”This comparison is used throughout the novel to emphasize his strength and sheer animosity. With this combination of brute strength and erratic behaviour you can expect disaster. George is his companion, he is small and calculating, and is portrayed undoubtedly as the leader out of the pair. He is always getting Lennie “Out of hot water”, Goerge spends allot of his time trying to control him and make him more obedient, and less forgetful. Throughout the novel he treats Lennie as if he were his pet, continuously trying to make him discard his bad habits. In the first chapter we learn that at their previous job in Weed they did not leave voluntarily but were driven out, chased by a mob, set upon lynching them, after Lennie triggered trouble, “ You aint gonna do no bad things like you done in weed”. We also see the great deal of authority gorerge has over him, when lennie tries to continuously copy his movement, and when George makes lennie hand over his mouse. We are then introduced to Lennie and George’s, dream. They fantasize about one day owning, “A small house, with a few acres”, animals and being totally self sufficient, “An live off the fatta the lan”. While they both share this respectable dream, Lennie has his own fantasy. He imagines what would happen if he hadn’t met George he sees his life full of pleasurable activities, “I could eat any place I want,

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