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PRODUCT KEY FACTS HSBC Global Investment Funds – Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity High Dividend J u n e 2 011 2 011 年 6 月  This statement provides you with key information about the HSBC Global Investment Funds – Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity High 產品資料概要 Dividend  This statement is part of the offering document  You should not invest in this based on this statement alone Quick facts Fund manager Investment adviser Custodian Dealing frequency Base currency Dividend policy Financial year end Minimum investment HSBC Investment Funds (Luxembourg) S.A. HSBC Global Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (Internal delegation) / 滙豐環球投資管理 (香港) 有限公司 (內部委託) RBC Dexia Investor Services Bank S.A. Daily on every dealing day / 每一個交易日 USD / 美元 Class AD – Yearly, if declared, will be paid; Class AM/AMHKD – Monthly, if declared, will be paid / AD類 – 每年分派,如獲宣佈,將會派發;AM/AMHKD類 – 每月分派,如獲宣佈,將會派發 31 March / 3月31日 Class AD/AM – US$1,000; Class AMHKD – HK$10,000 / AD/AM類 – 1,000美元;AMHKD類 – 10,000港元 What is this product? This is a sub-fund (the “Fund”) of an umbrella fund constituted in the form of a mutual fund. It is domiciled in Luxumbourg and its home regulator is CSSF. 本附屬基金“基金”所屬的傘子基金以互惠基金形式組成。本基金在盧森堡註冊成立,在當地由CSSF監管。 ( ) What are the investment objectives and strategy? Objective and strategy The Fund seeks long-term capital growth and a high level of income mainly through a diversified portfolio of investments in shares of companies listed on a major stock exchange or other regulated market of any Asia Pacific country (ex Japan), as well as companies which carry out a preponderant part of their business activities in the Asia Pacific (ex Japan) region, that offer short-term sustainable dividend yields and/or the potential for dividend growth above the market average over the short-term. 本基金主要透過投資於在任何亞太區國家(不包括日本)的主要證券交易所或其他受監管市場上市的公司的股票,以及在亞太區 (不包括日本)

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