Fabulous Fifties Matrix Analysis

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University of Phoenix Material The Fabulous Fifties Matrix Choose ten items from the following list and identify their significance during the 1950s: |The Mickey Mouse Club |Ozzie and Harriett | |Interstate highways |I Love Lucy | |Dishwashers |Persistent poverty | |Automobiles |Black urban migration | |Hi-Fis and stereos |Urban…show more content…
| |American Bandstand |American Bandstand significance was in the pop culture it created in the 1950’s. It played a critical role for | | |mainstream culture and it helped to grow the music business into what it is today. Americans became more accepting | | |of Rock and Roll, something that was not a as accepted in the 50’s as it is today. A cultural icon was born out the | | |American Bandstand show as well. Dick Clark became one the 1950’s icon that will live on forever. New dances and | | |genres of music where seen and became part of the 50’s cultures much like MTV of today’s culture. | |Interstate Highways |It increased the ability for people to move around, becoming a representation for personal freedom, as well as | | |helping the growth of businesses and the growth of the economy. It has also help create the building of suburban | | |areas, which allowed many to break away from the city and experience home ownership for the first time; the amount

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