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The Fabrication Of Zeirgeist Essay

  • Submitted by: s32ol
  • on March 3, 2008
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Below is an essay on "The Fabrication Of Zeirgeist" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The organization of Zeitgeist is a group of people whom believe that there is a group of individuals who are using the world’s regions, governments, and economics systems to control the course of the world events and to profit from them. My opinion is that there claims are wrong, all of there accusations is based on theory and the blind believe that there world is being controlled by a small group of elites who seek world domination. They have misinterpreted world religions claiming that it’s an instrument to control its followers. Another reprehensible claim is that the US government is responsible the events of 9/11.   The Zeitgeist also have undermined the framework of economics and claim that it’s an implement of controlling the means of good and services and how distributes to society. They argue that war is a tool by the bankers to profit of the events that occur after nations have fought each other. There last initiative is to establish the vice in the patriotic act and similar legislations.  
Religion they claim is an instrument that the elite of society have used for centuries to manipulate the lives of millions of people. Though the idea of God the Zeitgeist claims that it was an instrument to brain wash the crowds into following a book that is actually fictional stories that revolve around the astronomical findings of there time. The stories in the bible may never been proven in actuality but the purpose of the bible is not to enslave people mindlessly into believing an concept but its more to use the narratives in a positive, inspirational manner in which they server as a role model in good moral behavior. Egyptian mythology may predate many cultures but doesn’t relate to other mythologies. For example a similar messiah in Islam has many qualities with that of the western messiah of Christianity, Jesus Christ.
US Government responsible for 9/11 is another despicable claim that the Zeitgeist has placed. They claim that our government was responsible...

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