Fable Narrative Essay

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Fable Narrative Essay When I heard the story of a young girl that almost got herself into a serious situation I thought of how as a child I was taught to always listen to my mother and not to talk to strangers. Janet was a sweet young girl on her way to becoming a teenager. She was very beautiful with long brown hair and green eyes. As with most girls her age, she thought that she was all grown up and didn’t like to listen to her mother’s advice. One morning her mother asked her to go across town to take her grandmother a space heater because the weather was getting colder. “Be sure you go straight there on the bus and don’t talk to strangers on the way, baby” her mother told her. “Okay mom, I already know that and you have told me a million times” Janet responded. “Be sure to wear your jacket sweetie!” said her mother as Janet was heading to her room. As Janet was getting ready she said to herself, “Why is mom always telling me the same thing over and over?” As Janet got off the elevator and walked through the front lobby of the building she noticed that it was windy outside. As she stepped through the front doors she felt a chill and said to herself, “Wow, mom was right, I did need my jacket!” Janet only had about a block to walk to the bus stop and noticed a man staring at her as she approached the bus bench. “Hello young lady,” the man said as she sat down to wait for the bus. “Hello.” Janet said to the man. Then the man sat down right next to her and struck up a conversation with her. They talked about all kinds of things: school, where she lived and where she was headed with the heater that day. Janet thought how nice the man seemed as she reached her stop and stood up to get off the bus. Janet only had a few blocks to get to her grandmother’s house and didn’t notice that the man had gotten off at the same

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