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Fable assignment The fable of lion , wolf and fox . In the midst of the jungles of Africa there lived a ferocious lion . He was accepted as the king of the jungle even by the mighty elephant . Now there was this wolf , sly and cunning with its evil ideas . He particularly hated the lion . As the lion used to enjoy fresh meat everyday and he would only get the leftovers . Also he was afraid the lion might harm him if he did not follow his orders . He would be constantly plotting to become the king by staying with the lion . He hoped if the hunters could kill or trap the lion . Now as he was thinking his evil ideas he came across this sly but very intelligent fox . You know how foxes are , very difficult to outsmart them . She was fond of lion as he would keep the jungle in order with his justice and knew wolf did not like that one little bit . Fox " where are you going sir in such an angry mood ?" Wolf " I wish I could rid of this lion . He is such a terrible person " Fox slyly says " I am with you on this " Wolf " I have an excellent plan for this " Fox " what is it " Wolf " I heard from the monkey he has seen hunters near by searching for animals for their zoo , we can make a trap and get lion to walk from there . He will fall in it and be caught by hunters and we will runaway happily ." The fox agrees and they set about making a trap . As soon as they are done with there work they decide to return as it was getting dark and planned to get lion on this in the morning . While on there way back fox spots hunters coming and she quickly hides under a thick bush , but the wolf who was far too big to hide any where runs back in aghast. The hunters were on the chase and wolf has no idea where is he running until he finds himself in the same trap that he build for lion . Now he takes a deep sad breath

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