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Farmer Ron and farmer john were neighbor wheat farmers, they happened to be the best wheat farmers in California. They both raised and sold $500,000 worth in wheat every year. This year they planned on doing the same. Wheat had been growing all summer and now was ready to be cut and sold. Both farmers’ had needed new tractors to collect their harvest. Ron went to Deere’s Tractors to see what he could find. $150,000 for the tractor he needed. “What the hell is this!?” Ron yelled outraged about the price. “What’s the matter?” John asked after walking in store and hearing the commotion. “These thieves want too much for this tractor! Im going to Dirt Cheap Tractors a couple miles from here, I’m sure they’ll be more reasonable.” Ron found his truck in the parking lot and sped off. John had stayed, curious, he asked one of the salesmen why the tractor was so much. “Oh, well it’s the best wheat tractor we got. We sell it with a 10 year warrantee. So if it breaks at all we’ll replace it with a tractor exactly like it. And we buy its first full tank of gas for you.” With a smile on his face John said, “I’ll take it.” Miles down the road farmer Ron was speaking with a salesman at Dirt Cheap Tractors about how unfair the prices. “Well that just not right.” The salesman said, “I’ll tell you what… for that same price I’ll give you three, count ‘em, three of the same tractors for the same price. What do ya say?” Without giving it a thought Ron said, “I’ll take ‘em!” After filling out all the paper work for his tractors he rushed home to tell his family the great news. “But Ron,” His wife sad with concern in her eyes, “that’s the last of our money.” “We’ll make it back! With three tractors I can have our boys help me. And next crop we’ll be able to plant, cut, and sell three times as much as we ever have.” Ron said in reassurance. “We’ll get to work first thing in the

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