FDR New Deal

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FDR’s New Deal was a hugely important period in American politics. The New Deal was a new idea which had to be made because the Wall Street Crash and it continued throughout most of the 1930s, with the only properly ending with the start of the Second World War. Many aspects of the New Deal still are evident today America needed something special to recover their broken economy. Roosevelt's first two terms saw a huge change from the previous party who took no part in business. FDR spoke to America every Sunday afternoon breathing life into the American people and economy, and although most people think it did little to reboot economy and increase employment, it rebooted confidence which in turn helped economic and social life, which can still…show more content…
They still are present today. Before the Social Security Act, there had been no benefits or pensions, nor was there any help for people with long-term disabilities such as blindness and deafness. For the first time the US government was giving money to individuals, as opposed to giving an amount to the state to give out how they want. This didn’t go down well with the rich people as they weren’t happy that after they had worked hard and used their skills to become rich, their taxes were being paid to people who were doing nothing. The New Deal led to a huge change in American economy at the time. The amount of unemployed people was halved. But the national total of personal income fell by $13 billion, this shows how the money in the economy was spread around the people in a fairer way than in my opinion at any time in American history. Unfortunately, many black people and extremely poor people stayed poor and barely improved their life quality at all throughout this time despite Huey Long’s efforts. Overall, the New Deal did improve America and its prosperity. Mainly due to increasing confidence throughout America, with more money circling round the economy and better management of where it was going to, America turned things

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