1.1 Explain What Is Meant By The Partnership Model Of Working With Carers Essay

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Unit EYMP1 – Context and principles for early years provision |Sue Bailey 10036508 | | |EYMP1 A6: Working with parents and other carers |AC: 3.1 | Task 1 Explain what is meant by the “partnership model of working with carers”. This means that early years settings should work in close partnership with parents and carers. This partnership could happen in several ways. The setting should have an open door policy. Parents and carers should not need an appointment to speak to their child’s key worker or other member of staff as appropriate. If the parent / carer requires a more in depth conversation, a meeting could be arranged. If the parent / carer is not able to visit the setting, for example if a childminder or relative collects their child, other arrangements should be put in place, for example a phone call appointment, an email system or letters. Practitioners should aim to meet the needs of the parent / carer as well as the child.…show more content…
Parents / carers have a right to know how their children are managing in school and indeed the sharing of information means that parents / carers can follow the same processes at home should they choose to. Parents / carers are far more involved in the setting now. They may spend time in the setting, share ideas and most importantly, share information about their child with the practitioners. This is especially important in the case of children with Special Needs so that therapies, methods of calming etc can be passed on to the
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