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EYMP 5 1.1 Explain each of the terms; * Speech * Language * Communication * Speech, language and communication needs Ans: Speech: * it is a should language * it is vocalised * it is a spoken sound * it is not written * Children makes different speech depending on their exposure and of languages used around them * English for example has 40 different sound or phonemes Language: * It is a set of symbols * It can be spoken, written, or signal * It can be abstract * It can be understood between people * It may have a series or rules that users understand and uses. Once language is mastered, then it can be used between people to convey anything they wish. Toddlers may start language by pointing at objects and saying one word and from mastering they will start to form sentence. Communication: * This is about the way people send signal to one another. Communications contains speech and language. Eg it contains facial expression, gesture, body language, and vocal. Speech, language and communication needs: * The term “need” refer to a point where a child has difficulties in these three areas above. A child may find it difficult to produce certain sound, when this is the case, it might affect the child’s ability to produce a speech. Also it can be seen that a child who does not enjoy being with the other children may have a communication need. 1.2: Explain how speech, language and communication skills support each of the following areas in children’s development; * Learning * Emotional * Behaviour * Social Ans: Children ability to communicate opens doors for children’s overall development. Using speech, language and communication can help children’s development in so many ways such as; a) Learning; this in relation to children involves their overall

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