Eye Health and Nutrition Essay

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Unit S – 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 Understand Early Years Education curriculum requirements for providing food and drink to young children. Healthy Eating is making food choices to give your body what it needs to make it work. The Early Years is split into two sections 1. Is to teach and promote healthy eating and teach children from an early age about what is good for your body and what is not. What nutrients good contains and number 2. Of the Early Years provider is for healthy food to be provided and snacks. Also, to provide water al all times and milk is also available, free of charge to all EYFS children. Children are more likely to try new foods if all the children are eating them. It is important that children are given a wide variety of good groups. 2.0 Identify the Food Groups 2.1 Fruit and Vegetables Should be eaten every day Bread, Rice, Pasta and Potatoes Should be eaten every day Milk and Dairy Should be eaten every day Meat, Fish, Eggs and Beans Should be eaten every day Foods and Drinks high in Fat and Sugar Should be kept to a minimum 2.2 Discuss the nutritional value of the Main Groups Fruit and Vegetables contain lots of different minerals and vitamins (boiling does reduce these. Bread, Rice, Pasta and Potatoes contain Carbohydrates where are good for giving you energy over a long period of time and vitamin B. Milk and Diary provide protein which you need to grow, some energy and vitamins and calcium which is essential for healthy eating. Meat, Fish, Eggs and Beans are a good source of protein which is good for growth and cell renewal and some energy. The contain minerals and Beans and Pulses contain carbohydrates. Food high in Fats, Salt and Sugar but low in protein should be avoided. Some fats, salt and sugar are important to a healthy diet but these are naturally in the other food groups. 2.3 A

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