Eye for Eye Essay

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Animal testing should remain legal because doctors have developed many cures from these experimentations and it helps to gather results for unfit cosmetics. Animal testing only has positive results. Death is not always a variable in the analysis and cosmetics don’t completely injure the animal. Testing on animals develops antidotes for diseases and ensures that the makeup being consumed is actually healthy for the skin. Animal research should be legal regardless the situation. Without animals, many cures for diseases and cancers may not have been discovered. “Medical research has found cures or preventatives for dozens or ailments and conditions thanks in part of the participation of animals in tests,” (Geraldine 1). All over the world, there are medicines being confirmed for positive growth and development thanks to these animals. “Transplantation of tumors in animals paved the way for an understanding of transplantation immunity. When Hunter successfully transplanted a rooster’s spur onto its head, he did not realize that it was successful, not because of the better blood flow, but because there was no genetic difference between the transplant and its recipient which could lead to its rejection by the immune system,” (Bodmer 3). The immunity of this boy grew without him even noticing because of the strength from the animal’s strong genes. This proves that they have a stronger immunity then humans do. “The decrease in human deaths due to cardiovascular diseases is because of the knowledge gained out of animal testing and research,” (Buzzle 1) Scientists and doctors were able to determine why this disease was killing people, simply by running a exam on the given animal. Societies think that all animals deserve the equivalent amount of rights that humans have and there is no question that the animal doesn’t have a choice. It is also said that scientists and

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