Eye for an Eye Essay

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Eye for an eye isn’t equal and just punishment. The year 2012 was the last year that a public execution took place and I had the best seats in the stadium. My seat was right on the diamond; in fact my seat was on the twelve-by-twelve platform that rested over the pitcher’s mound. It turns out that being a victim and soul survivor had “perks” as some would say. The execution was to take place at dawn, 5:45 am. It was dark but the stadium lights lit up the field. The crowd started to file into their seats; I was told that every ticket available had been sold. The media was allowed to stay on the field as well but they we not allowed to pass the base lines. For some unknown reason society believes that an eye for an eye is equal and just punishment, and that a life for five lives is equal and just, but not even by comparison are they equal and just. It was now 5:25 when the murderous Adolfo started to walk out of the home dugout by third base. Officers with shotguns escorted him from the dugout to home plate where there was a microphone that allowed him to address the public. The announcer’s voice told the crowd to be silent, and Adolfo’s face was projected on the JumboTron with a small timer at the top. He was allowed to speak for five minutes to try and appeal to the crowd. He stood in front of the microphone and spoke. A cold and chilling feeling overcame me and forced me to cringe in fear. His voice was deep but like nails on a chalk board. When he was done he stepped back and waited for the crowd’s decision. The crowd “booed” the murderer and the JumboTron projected a thumb pointing down. Adolfo was then escorted to the platform by the officers with shot guns. He assented from the platform stairs onto the platform. He was placed on a stool under the beam that the noose hung from. The executioner placed the noose around his neck. The announcer came on the

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