Eye Care Essentials and Facts

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Eye Care Essentials and Facts The increased pollution around the world has lead to many Opticians promoting frequent eye care; it is essential to care for eyes. They emphasize that it is imperative to take care of eyes the same way the rest of the body is protected. Eye care goes a long way. It is more than just a visit to the doctor, and getting the regular treatments. It involves taking care of the whole body and avoiding any bad habits that could affect the eyes. Recommendations The first step that opticians have recommended over the years is monitoring and individuals diet. Every meal consumed should have a balanced intake of fruits and vegetables. They have also suggested that it is important to have the yellow types of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, papaya and mangoes, as they contain beta-carotene. Beta-carotene has been found to help the eyes stay healthy. Another plant that is essential in keeping eyes healthy is regularly consuming spinach. The second recommendations provided is ensuring adequate rest attained on every given day. It is vital in ensuring eyes stay healthy. Adequate rest can refresh the eyes and improve their efficiency. In addition to this, regular exercise is advised; it should be established in daily routines. Regular exercise can improve the blood circulation in the body. Therefore, there is enough oxygen supply needed for the eyes to function correctly. The simple eye exercise identified to improve eye function includes closing eyes gently for 30 seconds; it is to relax them between daily work intervals. Furthermore, rotating eyes regularly can relax the muscles and prevent any blurred vision. Important information It is important to note the skin that surrounds the eyes are fragile and full of blood cells. Therefore, it makes it very sensitive to the changes that take place in the body, especially the changes related to

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