Exxonmobile Financial Analysis

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MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING Final Project: Exxon Mobil GROUP A MEMBERS: Dhafer Hamoud Alshehri Amal Joseph Antony Shushu Chen Claus Michael Bruch Daniel Chamorro Vargas Company overview ExxonMobil is the world largest publicly traded oil and gas company. Initiated 125 years ago, the company has evolved from a US regional kerosene marketer to the up-to-date leader in the power market. In 1999 after the acquisition of Mobil Oil the company had strengthened its power in operating petroleum and petrochemicals. The main business lines are:  Upstream: It is the company main business referring to oil exploration, extraction, production, shipping, and wholesale operations for Conventional oil, heavy oil, tight gas, shale gas, deep water, liquefied natural gas, arctic and sour gas.  Downstream: As the largest global refiner, the company defines its downstream business as marketing, refining, and retail operations of finished products serving a wide range of sectors such as industrial, aviation and marine sectors. Their main products are lubes, coke, waxes, asphalt, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, aviation, jet fuel, diesel, gasoline.  Chemical: As one of the largest petrochemical companies worldwide, ExxonMobil´s chemical company provides the building blocks for a wide range of products, from packaging materials and plastic bottles to automobile bumpers, synthetic rubber, solvents and countless consumer goods.  Corporate and financing: It mainly consists in the company´s investment activities, financing expenses as well as the strategic financial action in favor of the company financial position among the competitors such as the purchase of its common stocks. The operating divisions by category are as follows:  Upstream - ExxonMobil Exploration Company - ExxonMobil Development Company - ExxonMobil Production

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