Extraordinary Circumstances Essay

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Road to Righteousness The power of accounting is accumulated through every little wrinkle in a company, but the ethics of accounting depends on each worker. Every single player in the business world has priorities; for many, it is to become wealthy, for others, it may be different. However, the role of morals and ethics steps in before one tries to accomplish any goals. If just one, let alone a few, falters along the lines of moral integrity, the effects of such happening is spread like the expanding waves of water after a stone has been dropped into water. However, no one is born with a sense of moral righteousness already instilled in them; it is what surrounds them in life and the things they go through that influence their perception of morals and ability to distinguish the differences between right and wrong. In Cynthia Cooper’s Extraordinary Circumstances, Cooper elaborates in detail her life before and after joining Worldcom, the big telecommunications company that is focused on because of the deep accounting errors that were discovered, eventually bringing down the entire company. Cooper carefully documents the many events in her life that define her and gave her the power and mind to do what she did, the right thing. Throughout the story, Cooper is able to re-create the complete picture of her life by incorporating many flashbacks to earlier in life. She also goes through the detailed background of each major player in the company, giving the reader a more inclusive image of the story. Even though all stories may throw the reader a little off course, they give the audience the full scoop on the story and make it easier for the audience to identify the major players that are involved. Starting at a very young age, Cooper explains through flashbacks the troubles she faced and the struggles she went through. She details events from grade school such

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