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Critical analysis of an extract from 'The Monk' by Matthew Lewis Suspense and intrigue are maintained in this extract of the opening scene of Matthew Lewis' 'The Monk'. An opening scene presenting mysterious, veiled characters whose descriptions leave something to be desired, a certain element of incompleteness. A young woman of seemingly excessive beauty, accompanied by an old woman. An awkwardly set scene for wooing women, yet masterfully disguised by Lewis as an appropriate venue and hour for such activity. Tuned into the rhythm of a bustling, exotic and cultured city such as Madrid, This opening scene concerns the reception of an elderly woman and her charge in a crowded Church, filled with people whose motives for being present differ greatly. Vivid description interspersed with striking dialogues, this opening scene seduces the reader encouraging him to read on. Characteristically descriptive, sometimes superfluous and mostly rich in vocabulary, Lewis effectively conveys his emotions and perceptions to the reader. Antonia, introduced as the main character is portrayed as reserve and modest, in a lady)like fashion that would be expected from a woman of rural origin. She is depicted as a pious woman who seems to be attending this sermon in cause of the special speaker, the Monk Antonio, that is to arrive and deliver a sermon. Leonella, her companion and she are amongst those who see an appearance in Church as a dignified, solely religious act, as opposed to an opportunity to socialize and meet potential partners. This is one of the causes for the reader's surprise upon observing her behavior with the cavaliers that have offered her companion and her their seats. Only when the reader is informed as to her origins and intentions does the prime confusion turn to slow apprehension. A unique presentation of a situation that leaves much to be desired and even

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