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Dear Jesus, Here is my report for second week. i will also include my hours for las week taht i did not included in last email. This week i have been working in the restaurant. i start an hour later but i have been doing extra hours covering for events. The responsibilities and procedure in the restaurant is very \different. to start i had to learn both the drinks cocktails and food menu. I still have to study the food menu since is longer and harder and their require us to know also the ingredients of each plate. Since i still dont dominate the procedure and menu i have been working as a runner. Maybe this week i will be able to train as a waiters and some day follow the maitre for a few days. At least thats the plan. The following weeks my training plans says Barman and bar management, Kitchen, and afterward i will be working on the office. They have been showing me what plates comes with what cutlery comes with what plates. When to serve and how to serve each thing (for example when to bring bread, remember to bring to little spoons for the two different sauces the bread comes with and when to remove it form the table. like that many other requirement and procedures such us the table setting. During my extra hours i had to set up an additional wine and beer bar and serve the guest form the event. I will send you my boos mid term review just before the Kitchen week to have some follow up from him (in 14 days if this is ok with you) My hours are: 1st week: Monday: 8h Tuesday: 8h Wednesday: day off Thursday: day off Friday: 9h Saturday: 9h Sunday: 9h 2st week: Monday: day off Tuesday: day off Wednesday: 8h Thursday: 12h Friday: 15h Saturday: 8h Sunday: 8h Dear Jesus, This week i have been working in the restaurant as well. I have been working as a waiter and later on (Saturday and Sunday) i

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