External Factors Create Meursault's Main Conflict

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External Factors Create Meursault's Main Conflict After our discussion about The Stranger written by Albert Camus, I strongly agree with your point that the main character Meursault, has conflicts defining life differently from the majority of the society. For instance, in the book, During Maman's funeral, while everyone cries and weeps, Meursault acts like a stranger and feels nothing for his mother's death. However, Meursault becomes irritated when he sees others cry. We can conclude that Meursault's perception of life and society contradicts to that of normal people because only external environment can influence him. Also, his emotions and his beliefs oppose to the philosophies in both contemporary and modern American society. In The Stranger, external factors make Meursault act peculiarly. Meursault reacts only physically instead of emotionally through out the book. "The light shot off the steel and it was like a long flashing blade cutting at my forehead." (Camus 59) Meursault reacts to the scorching sunlight by shooting the Arab four times in order to quench his anger and his torridness. Meursault acts emotionless until the light reflecting off ht bade affects him. Also, in his mother's funeral, Meursault does not feel depressed until he sees the tear of the other characters. In a word, Meursault only trusts and response to his senses, which are external factors, rather than his internal self, his feelings and intuitions. For Meursault, the execution saves him from suffering and provides him a chance to escape from the absurd society. The main conflict in the book not only results from external factors but also contradicts to the American society philosophy. Meursault, like most of the people in the society back in World War II, poses a challenge to the contemporary philosophy of caring each other, a challenge on which varying degree of hostility
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