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External Effects on a Student's Views of Education Essay

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  • on November 20, 2014
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Below is an essay on "External Effects on a Student's Views of Education" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It is no secret that how children are brought up effects how they view certain things in life.   This concept follows them into education as well, more specifically into higher education.   The views that are instilled in a student’s mind shape how they perceive the importance of higher education.   If a student comes from an environment that values education the student will value that education as well.   The main components that make up that environment are their parents, the school system, and their peers.
One of the main things that influences a student’s view of higher education, would be the parents.   The parent’s level of education does not necessarily contribute, but rather how they treat the idea of higher education when around their child.   The fact that parent’s opinions change their offspring’s thoughts is usually quite obvious; whether it’s politics or just what kind of food they like.   For myself, my entire family has gone to college, so I feel basically obligated to get a higher education.   It could be the same the other way around as well.   If a student is in a family in which college is seen as pointless institution, then they would be less likely to further their education.   Of course, as with many things, there are outliers.   Such as the kid who wants to do better than his family has done, or the person who has everything handed to them so they don’t value the education.   Besides parents, students also spend a lot of time with friends and other students.
The types of people who the student associates with is the greatest influence on how they view higher education.   It is often pointed out in media how a friend can introduce someone to drugs or some form of bad behavior, causing them to spiral out of control.   What isn’t shown is the students who have friends who help each other study for a test, or the friends who have encouraged one another to go to college and to do a good job in school.   People tend to break off
into groups throughout...

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