External And Internal Environmental Analysis

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Environmental Analysis External and Internal Environmental Analysis Hope Key University of Phoenix STR/581 January 30, 2012 Rod Wells Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was found by Kathy Kudler in 1998. Kathy had a desire for gourmet foods but in the area she lived in it did not have a variety of products to choose from to prepare gourmet meals. Kathy decided to open a grocery store that offers organic produce, cheese, meats, and wine. KFF is known for its gourmet cooking and providing fresh organic produce high in quality. KFF is appreciated for quality customer service and fairness to employees. KFF is experiencing financial strength. The balance sheet and forecasted income statements display the positive net revenues and successful growth. Analyzing a business is imperative so conducting and environmental scan is a necessity for KFF. The environmental scan provides information about the present status of KFF and displays the internal and external environment of the business. The internal environment consists of the strengths and weaknesses of KFF. The external environment pertains to the opportunities and threats of KFF. KFF is experiencing growth at this time but the company has to be aware of the industry it is in. An environmental scan is beneficial for KFF because it includes an internal and external scan of the foods grocery industry, which KFF belongs. The environmental scan is imperative because it enables KFF to revise the company's strategy if necessary. It assists KFF with staying up-to-date with food industry standards, developments, and forecasts. Internal Environmental Scan The strength of KFF is a secure vision and the company realizes what is done to accomplish company's objectives. This makes the attainment easy and this in turn helps the

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