To what extent do you approve or disapprove part-time jobs for students?

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Nowadays, it is easy to see that as teenagers, many wish to find themselves a suitable part-time job so that they can earn more money for their demands. Many people opiniate that part-time jobs are of no good for students because they are so time wasting. However, to my view, part-time jobs are really beneficial for adolescents and should be stimulated. To the first place, having part-time jobs means that students get a salary each month so they can affort to buy what they want without asking their parents for money. Therefore, their parents will be able to save up money to do bigger things such as equip their houses better, buy cars, etc. Moreover, in this case, teenagers will become more respectable to their money, which they make themselves and maybe spend much less than when they use their parents’. Secondly, part-time jobs help students to use their time wisely. If they do not have a part-time job, adolescents often spend their free time on useless and money wasting activities like gaming, shopping and so on. With a part-time job, they must sacrifice their time for making money instead of wasting it, which is definitely helpful for themselves. Finally, those kinds of work do not require much when applying but do bring a lot of skills and experience the young may need for their future jobs. Students are all taught about what to do and how to do their jobs in future but only in theory. Only by doing part-time jobs, an inexperienced youngster learn can to keep pace with the working environment and gain their own experience. In conclusion, part-time jobs are of great use for students as long as they can divide their time logically between studying and working. Therefore, I think teenagers should be encouraged to get part-time jobs by adults for their own

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