Extent Did Nazi Economic Policy Towards German Jews Change In The Years 1933-23

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Jan 2009 To what extent was the increase in electoral support for the Nazi Party 1928-33 the result of effective propganda & electioneering? How far did the Nazis succeed in achieving the aims of their economic policies in the years 1933-41? June 2009 How far was there economic and poitical stability in Germany, 1924-29? How far did Nazi policy towards German Jews change in the years, 1933-41? Jan 2010 How accurate is it to suggest that the Treaty of Versailles was mainly responsible for the political and economic instability in Germany 1919-23? How successful was Nazi economic policy in achieveing prosperity in Germany by 1939? Exemplar Pool - Watch the parameters of the dates! To what extent was the Weimar Republic
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