Extension Ebglish After the Bomb Creative Writing Essay

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ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom Blankness. Nothingness. Escaping the cruel tortures and names that you face everyday. You keep your eyes shut tight so you see nothing. Hands over your ears so to hear nothing, know nothing. You keep your mouth buttoned tight so to say nothing. Nothing. Nothing. All thats left is the pictures that play over in your mind. The kids who you scream at you Red! Red! But you blur out their faces with an eraser you created in your lonely mind. Who are they? They are nothing. Then your mind creates a path for you to follow. One foot infront of the other you make your way down the path looking for the end. Blackness surrounds you. All that you see is the is the glowing path ahead of you. But there is no end. You cautiously walk along anyway, looking for exits. You hit a cross road. Left, Right, Up, Down, Foward, Backward, Around in a circle, Backward, Foward, Down, Up, Right, Left. Where do you go? Every exit is dangerous, nothing is certain, you may never come out of it as you entered it. You hear an echo through the gaps between your fingers that are attached to your trembling hands that cover your ears. Red! Red! Red! Your teacher notices your mind has lost itself in another world, far far away from the classroom. “Pay Attention!” Your repeat those words over and over in your mind. Pay Attention, Pay Attention, Pay Attention. What do you pay attention to? How can you possibly pay attention to anything if nobody knows what is going. Nothing is certain. Do you pay attention to the uncertain, waiting for something to come out and shock you. But then it wouldn't be a shock if you were to pay attention to it. STOP. You must stop questioning. They suspect you already, you can't afford to make it anymore obvious. For your sake and your families sake, you must live by their rules,

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