Extending Life Essay

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Should Technology Be Used To Extend Life Zakiyyah Bilal, Elaine Brown, Jacqueline Craft, Drucilla Fielder, Tuy Thi le Health Care Planning and Accountability/HCM 4080 March 27, 2013 Robert Miner Should Technology Be Used to Extend Life? The question should technology be used to extend life, has been a question asked by many. This very question has led to many debates within the home, country, and church. Technology has given us so many great investments throughout the generations from the production of a radio in Italy by Guglielmo Marconi to the Apple products, which many of us love, by Steve Jobs. So the standing question of "Should technology be used to extend life?” seems to be not of question of should it be but of why shouldn't it be? This may can be attempted through treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, the use of pace makers, and life support machines to name a few. Using technology to extend life has its pros and cons. Extending life could result in the over population of humans (Davis 2005), which could cause limited resources and goods. The prices of merchandise may increase because to a of limit means. Yet over population could also be a plus (Davis 2005), because more people could mean more production. We currently have machines that are seemingly capable of replacing vital human organs. According to The Province (2012), “the machines are so good they can take over the function of your lungs, your heart, your kidneys, [and] they even have artificial livers now.” You can improve life but how will it improve health? Extending life to someone who is dying of cancer will be useless if they are still sick. Sickness results in depression and many more things, living to be a hundred and fifty years old but still suffering is pointless. Although technology may not solve all problems, extending life with technology can cause a
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