Extended Feeding Essay

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HSC 3050 Prepare for and carry out extended feeding techniques. 1.1 Explain the anatomy and physiology of the gastro-intestinal tract in relation to extended feeding. Anatomy and Physiology Digestion of food begins in the mouth where food is chewed and softened by saliva to break down into pieces small enough for you to swallow. Food is then pushed down into the esophagus, a muscular tube that carries food to the stomach where it is digested. From the stomach, food travels to the small intestines, where digestion continues and nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. Fluids are taken by the large intestine which also contains the stool. When situations occur where the individual cannot use or easily use the normal method of eating…show more content…
To prevent injury or illness to persons due to sharps or spillage of contaminated fluids ALL BELOW QUESTIONS ARE OBSERVATIONS. 4.4 Apply standard precautions for infection prevention and control and other measures to minimise risks before, during and after the procedure. 4.5 Dispose of Used equipment, materials and feeds. Body fluids including those aspirated prior to feeding. In accordance with legislation and agreed ways of working 5.1 Ensure that adequate and relevant fluids, feeds and equipment are available 5.2 Confirm the identity of the individual prior to carrying out the activity 5.3 Obtain valid consent from the individual prior to carrying out the planned activity 5.4 Confirm equipment and materials are: Appropriate to the procedure. Fit for purpose 5.5 Position an individual to ensure safety and comfort and facilitate the method of extended feeding 6.1 Attach and position feeding tubes correctly and securely in a manner that prevents discomfort and promotes the dignity of an individual 6.2 Carry out extended feeding safely and according to the individual’s plan of
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