Expressionists Groups Essay

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Essay Topic #1 Identify define or describe, and finally compare and contrast two of the Expressionists groups of the early 20th century. Refer to specific artists and works to illustrate your points. “Expressionism is a tendency of an artist to distort reality for an emotional effect; its subjective art form.” (1) Expressionism was seen in many different kinds of forms which included literature, theater art, paintings, music and architecture. Expressionism developed in the late 19th centuries and in the early 20th centuries and they were academic standards which were overcome in Europe since the Renaissance which were between 1300 and 1600.(2) An artist tries to see the most compelling form in the piece of art. He is not concerned with the reality in which the object is in, but instead he is concerned about the emotions that are perceived by the subject. There were two different Expressionist groups that were in the early 20th centuries. One of these groups were called Die Brucke known in German as “The Bridge.” This group was founded in Dresden in 1905. Die Brucke was dissolved by 1913, and World War I and stopped most groups activity. The World War I period was from the years 1914 to 1918 and a lot of changes happened during this era.(1) The bridge that the artist wanted to design and make was one which was going to be built through art to enlighten the future. One of the founders was Ernst Ludwig Kirchner who illustrated Street. In the painting there are intense colors show and the Expressionism is linking with Fauvism and making a great influence on the painting. Everyone in the picture seems to have a purpose and a task as to doing something whether it is going to work, or shopping, or just walking around. One of the members of Die Brucke was Emil Nolde who was also a member of the German expressionist painters. He was known for
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