Express-Pineapple Express Movie Review

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“Express” I remember going into the Tinstletown Movie Theater on the day the movie “Pineapple Express” was released. I remember walking into the movie theater and seeing plenty of posters advertising the new release. As the movie started, it made me believe I had gone into the wrong theater. It start like an older film, in black and white; it made me think that it was going to be a boring movie since everyone was speaking in a monotone voice. A couple minutes into this monotone movie I started to figure out what the characters are really saying, and was surprised to see that the actors were running experiments on marijuana. When the black and white scene passed by, the main actor, Seth Rogen, is introduced showing what he does as a profession. Seth Rogen plays a process server who gives people bad news. He delivers court orders and serves them for not paying their taxes and other fees. While he works he smokes marijuana and talks about it as if it were something as normal as chewing gum. One could call this film a “stoner movie,” since the entire film is about people smoking marijuana and their adventures. Later in the movie Dale Denton is a witness to murder that involves city policemen and drug dealers. Dale Denton goes to his best friend to tell him everything that he saw, another drug dealer in the film named Saul; they go off to the adventure of their lives. They run from dogs, police, and even their own friends were involved in this tangle of drugs and murder. The two main characters in this movie are Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) a process server, and his drug dealer Saul (James Franco). Throughout the entire movie, both actors seem as if they are to be high on drugs, in every scene. They make marijuana use appear normal: smoking in parking lots and also what is referred to as cruising. Dale is about thirty years old and has a girlfriend named

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