Exposity Essay - How to Become a Fashion Designer

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How to Become a Great Fashion Designer Coco Chanel, one of the most amazing and fashionable designers often said, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." To be a part of fashion, it is important to know that it is everywhere and not necessarily in clothing only. To become a great fashion designer, it is important to begin preparing in high school, explore and experience fashion, and excel and succeed in a great fashion institute or college. In order to get into a good fashion school, it's essential that you earn exceptional grades and study well in high school. An easy way to do this is to pay full attention in class. Also, it might help to develop a strong relationship with your teachers. Another way to prepare in high school may be to join a summer program. There, you can experience fashion and develop different styles and trends. You might also get a job in a retail store and experience fashion from an inside point-of-view. Helping others with fashion will help you become more involved with all the different areas in fashion. Additionally, it might help to join a few extra curricular activities in order to prepare for the future. Fashion involves drawing and sewing and all sorts of artsy things. Possibly, you can join an art class where to learn how to draw and paint and know the different shades and colors. A sewing class will teach you how materials work together and you’ll be able to practice fashion at home. Preparing for the future in high school can not only increase your experience but it will also help you understand fashion even before entering college. To explore and experience fashion, it is important to participate in different activities that relate to and revolve around fashion. For example, visit a factory. This will help

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