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Technical Writing in the Corporate Environment Technical writing is an important part of the corporate environment. Especially since we are in the technology era. Technical writing is very useful as a result of the many different type of electronics as well as consumer products that need instructions in how to use them. As a result a written step-by-step reading friendly instructions or directions of the technology will be required so consumers will be able to use the specific product. Technical writing is supposed to be clear and straight to the point so that the reader understands the written subject clearly. Technical writing is mostly used for user manuals, memos, email and other documents that are in the corporate environment. The technical writer has the knowledge to turn company relations into understandable terminology for consumers and as well as colleagues. Technical Writing The main purpose of technical writing is to take a subject that many people do not know about and basically change the wording of the subject so that the people can understand. As we all know many readers do not like reading full paragraph so the writer needs to use a text that is easy to read. Also the writer must use or add graphics throughout his/her paper so that the reader does not lose interest in the writing. When it comes to consumer products, if there wasn’t a technical writer that would actually write the instruction or direction in how to use the product, consumers would not be able to use a wide variety of products due to them being too technical. A technical writer is basically what connects the technical side of the corporate world and the consumers of the products that these companies sell. Technical writer’s audience are basically anywhere from consumers that know the subjects very well all the way to consumers that have no idea about the subject.

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