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An Expository Analysis Of The People Who Wear Team Jerseys

  • Submitted by: mili_bma
  • on February 27, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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In today’s society sport franchises may play a role in our fashion. It’s natural to see a
person proudly wearing their favourite team’s jersey after a big win, but what is a fan trying to
say when they wear the same jersey after their team loses? Although it may seem that doing
this would be shameful; it shows that they would be willing to withstand the criticisms of
supporting their team regardless of their success. Wearing a team’s jersey may also make
statements about one’s background or home city. Sometimes certain teams have a personality
to them, often similar to the personality of the city they represent. This personality reflects on
the person wearing the jersey, so therefore the person’s personality may be represented by the
jersey they are wearing. The jersey one wears and when they wear it reflects their loyalty,
background, and sometimes their personality.
            Loyalty is a respected word in sports, and nobody is more hated than a flip-flopper.
Putting on the loser’s jersey shows the unconditional loyalty of a fan, and that they probably
cheer on their favourite team for reasons beyond the stats. Regardless of how the team
performs, there is a proud fan cheering with their jersey on.
            A huge part of sports is psychological warfare which sometimes involves the fans. By
wearing the losing team’s jersey the fans are stating that they are faithful supporters, and no
matter the outcome, they are “here to stay”. It shows them as being arrogant, but at the same
time loyal and true to their word. Often their loyalty is inherited from their family, but most of
the time fans are just residents of the city the team represents.
          A person who wears the losing team’s jersey shows that they have loyalty, character, and
personality. A jersey does not only show their support for their favourite team, but also tells us
about their background and morale

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