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this is from an article copied from the following link from the guardian newspaper ref: http://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2012/jul/23/guide-for-businesses-exporting-to-usa A guide to exporting to the USA The United States presents a wealth of opportunities for Brits looking to export. But with so much competition, how can small businesses make the most of what's out there? Share 0 inShare0 Email Jon Card Guardian Professional, Monday 23 July 2012 06.33 EDT Jump to comments (4) WORLD TRADE CENTER SITE The USA represents a real opportunity for business growth and development. Photograph: Justin Lane/EPA The United States is the richest market in the world and the UK's biggest single destination for exports. For UK entrepreneurs, it represents a real opportunity for business growth and development. But making it on the other side of the Atlantic is no mean feat as the sophisticated US economy is competitive in all sectors, and American consumers have high standards. In this guide we cover the main things to get right when exporting into the United States, and hear from entrepreneurs who have learned how to sell to the world's most powerful country. Think big, but stay focused The US is a vast country with over 50 states, some with bigger populations than many European countries. It has four time zones and takes five hours to cross it by plane or days by road. There are also cultural differences between north and south, as well as the east and west coasts. Therefore, thinking of the US as one market is a mistake. UK entrepreneurs are well advised to focus their efforts at a state level or particular demographic, rather than trying to sweep the country in one go. Attend trade shows Trade shows are well-attended in the US and are, therefore, an ideal way for British companies to meet representatives

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