Export Import Theories Practices and Procedures Essay

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Belay Seyoum, PhD Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures Second Edition Pre-publication REVIEWS, COMMENTARIES, EV ALUATIONS . . . book covers a of “Thiselsewhere. Bythatnumbernot significant gaps are addressed focusing specifically on trade rather than other forms of international expansion, Dr. Seyoum has achieved the near-impossible—indepth and thorough coverage of both the theory and the practice of exporting, and significantly broader coverage of importing than is the norm, thus offering the most complete coverage of all facets of trade that I have seen. It excels by integrating theory with practice and exports with imports. The fact that this book starts with a brief history of international trade and concludes with a sample distributorship agreement, speaks to the singular achievement of this book: true cover-to-cover, and topto-bottom, coverage of all relevant issues in exporting and importing.” Dr. Nicolas Papadopoulos, PhD Professor of Marketing and International Business; Associate Dean (Research); Director, International Business Study Group, Eric Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada More pre-publication REVIEWS, COMMENTARIES, EV ALUATIONS . . . always been “International Trade hasand address a hands-on subject the few books that are out there do not anywhere near the width and depth that Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures: Second Edition, does. Each of the twenty chapters in this book closes with a great summary. The student here is also provided with enough references, case studies, and international perspectives on the subject matter covered within the chapter. There are even review questions for further self-study. The chapters on import regulations is especially valuable to the student of international trade and the section on export licensing and regulations of the Commerce Department is a boon to

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