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Exploring The Qur'An Essay

  • Submitted by: namsor
  • on January 8, 2012
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Exploring the Qur'an
In the beginning of Abraham, I think its saying something like, "Hey, dudes, believe in Allah." Although, I also believe that it's more than that; it's that, Allah will stick up for you if you do believe in him.   Allah created everything and exists as everything. Those who follow his word will find peace and become instantly the most popular kids at school. Your friends, Apostles, will help with this.   They'll guide the other kids to follow Allah and they'll be as cool as you.
In the beginning of Luqman, it's saying that the Book of Wisdom is a guide for keep up on prayer, and this being on the guidance from their Lord. The men who take a frivolous course that leads astray from Allah's path that is without knowledge shall have a shameful punishment. I think the whole thing is just basically saying that you should follow the rules and keep up with prayer and forbid evil from your life, such as being conceited, Allah will watch over you in a way.
The Adoration seems as though it is simply adoring their Lord. It's also telling who He is and what He's done; creating the heavens and the earth and what is between them. It says that the good will receive praise and the ones who do badly will receive punishment on the Day of Judgment.
The word 'love' is used quite a lot in the entire Qur'an.   After reading through at least half of the times it's used, I think 'love' is used to show love for Allah, or how Allah doesn't love non-believers and that he loves those who do good.   They find Allah's love very precious and valuable.   I'm guessing that the non-believers do not deserve Allah's love.
The word 'hate' is used more sparingly than 'love,' and it seems to have a much deeper meaning as it isn't connected as clearly as it could be.   I'm not quite sure what the hate is supposed to mean but it would seem as though hatred is something that afflicts you, rather than something you feel inside you.
'Kill' seems like an order when reading through...

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