Exploring The Nature Of Human Services Essay

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| Exploring the nature and purpose of Human services practice | Rasheedah Cash | 7/25/2011 | | Have you ever caught yourself thinking about things that people do or things that they are thinking? Have you ever asked yourself, for example, about everyday things like why are most people less willing to seek professional help for mental or emotional problems than for physical problems? Humans Services workers are trained to find answers to questions about people and their behavior. They are especially interested in helping people to help themselves by using their own resources in their community. Goals of Human Services representatives are to help people in need. Human services employees provide supportive services and conduct relief programs in agencies and institutions. They also offer counseling, coordinate program activities or advice and help on child care, domestic problems, home management, and other matters having to do with family and home. To provide trained education in a wide variety of helping with interventions so they may provide direct services to individuals or groups with a diversity of needs. Another goal would be to teach people how to perform every effort to achieve independence and self-sufficiency again in their everyday lives. A main goal of a human services worker it to assist individual and communities to function as effectively as possible in the major domains of living. Another would be to provide uniquely designed interventions for individual experiencing emotional, cognitive, and/or group to achieve the highest level of functioning they are capable of achieving within the context of society in which they live. There has been a need to help others since the beginning of time. Our current surroundings of human services has its roots traced back to the late 1800’s, but a more recent
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