Exploring the Hereos Journey (Beowulf and Sir Gawain)

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James Cyr May 1st English Literature Term 3 Paper: The Hero’s Journey The concept of the hero has been around forever. Three Heroes that can be assessed when exploring the hero’s journey are, Beowulf, Sir Gawain, and King Arthur. Though all these men to a certain point share the same nature, some are more pronounced than others. It is vital to not just read about, but also analyze these pronounced qualities and how it helps (or cripples) their journey. The hero is born as a child and makes his way to where he is when we first read about him/her. Although fiction, Beowulf wasn’t just alive all of a sudden. He was once a boy and through experience became the man we know him as. They to grew up and worked to where they got to, but how? The greatest value of Beowulf is his bravery. There is no doubt that Beowulf is one of the greatest warriors of all time in literature. Beowulf’s nobility is much different than King Arthur or Sir Gawain due to the time period. His bragging about his heroics could be interpreted as cowardice if placed in a different time period. Could his journey be to find himself? He could stray away from his self-conscious ways and become the ultimate ‘man’. Bragging aside, Beowulf is undoubtedly brave. When Beowulf sets out to kill Grendel’s mother he states that if his sword fails, his physical strength will protect him instead. Beowulf is in search of fame; he gains it truthfully by battling with menaces to society and does not lie or manipulate to achieve this fame. Beowulf uses what is rightfully his, his bravery. Beowulf’s bravery differs from that of King Arthur’s for multiple reasons. King Arthur is a king; he must be brave for respect of the people, where as Beowulf’s bravery carries the story. King Arthur’s best value as a hero is his very natural and humble leadership ability. He differs from the other two heroes,
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